It seems like my recent essay; Unravelling the great mystery of Life has ruffled a few feathers, raised a few eyebrows, and scalded a few tails. Many of those who responded to the article were practitioners of mainstream and related medicine. The polemic point was the statement I had made about the womb having a consciousness of its own.

I wish to explain to these people with this letter that they should not be quick to judge another’s work or comprehension and explanation on any topic only because no one has total ownership of any particular topic in the field of knowledge. Knowledge is there for everyone to analyze and discern and it is not the sole preserve of any particular individual, fraternity, or institution.

Take an old story that originated in India as an example and learn from it. It is about some blind men and an elephant and the evaluation of one object that was made by each man’s analysis of a part of the whole. See: or for the full story.

Therefore, dear misguided people, never presume or portray to know everything about Life because when you do, you will be only displaying your ignorance and your immaturity that results from a highly inflated ego.

You base your knowledge on your academic qualifications obtained from a commercialized institution which only propagates knowledge that is the work of various people, some long dead. To a certain extent these finding are correct as they were determined under specific or controlled conditions. But never could such findings be absolute in all conditions of Nature. Therefore a greater part of what you presume to know on any subject remains unknown or untapped.

Take the human body as an example. The findings of many researchers over the centuries past have given us the insight into what constitutes our physical body; bones, muscle, ligaments, fatty tissue, plasma, blood, nerves, veins etc; etc; and we all should be very grateful and thankful for their pioneering work otherwise we will be living in total ignorance of what we are composed.

But, there are certain other factors in the human body that have not been researched by modern science and the main factor being the energies that prevail in each and every life form that is within this body and also the very Life Force of the body.

There are many life forms that collectively make up what we mistakenly and pompously call ‘

Our Body.’ These are; various life forms that we most ignorantly have named as bacteria, flukes, worms, virus, blood cells, and the various structural cells that collectively make up the structure of our physicality.

Each and every one of these life forms has within them a pre-programming that becomes the impetus for doing the various activities they have been allocated to continuously perform in order to keep the physical body healthy and alive. It has been discovered that the bacteria in the body are three to four times more than the number of cells. The number of cells in an average sized body is around one hundred trillion. 2

All life forms that reside in other life forms have an independent consciousness and power of discernment to enable them to survive, but how much have scientific researchers found out about their real purpose and as to why they should be in the human body or in the bodies of each and every life form on Earth?

If bacteria are three to four time the number of cells that compose a body do you not think that we, the so-called human form is but a manifestation created by bacteria? Then is it not so that the so-called exalted life form known as the human being is really bacteria???

It has been drilled into people by various religions that the human form was created in the likeness of God, the Divine Creator, therefore, the logical conclusion anyone would arrive at is that God

is Bacteria. If bacteria, collectively, has the power to create, then it should have the power to analyze and discern.

Therefore, if in the womb, as in each and every other part of the physical body, there are three to four times the bacteria to cells and the purpose of bacteria is control as well as direct the functions of the womb, the womb via the bacteria must contain a consciousness of its own.

If it did not have a consciousness it would not be able to choose or select the particular male gamete that would be allowed access to the ovum and manifest ‘conception’ out of the millions that enter the uterus. The day and time for conception to take place and the particular male gamete from a particular male are all pre-destined or pre-programmed.

This decision is not made arbitrarily or haphazardly by the consciousness of the womb. Destiny and ancestral memory play an important role in the selection. The male gametes in their millions journey towards the female egg as if responding to a ‘call of the wild.’ When they reach the egg they bash themselves against its shell endeavouring to break through it.

But, out of the millions of male gametes that attack the ovum only the chosen one, or rarely two, having particular ancestral memories that resonate with the ancestral memories contained in the ovum is allowed to enter and cause fertilization. The ancestral memories inherent in both the gamete and the ovum are attracted to each other as if they have transponders within them. That is how the selection is done. The bacteria inherent within the womb act as the carrier or conduit for the energies that prevail as memory to bring about the fusion of the two. All this is monitored by the consciousness of the womb. Because of the high volume of bacteria present in the body their own Life Force Energies collectively form an energy sheath that acts as a conductor or conduit for the transference of messages and various stimuli that passes throughout the entire physical body. Although medical science has given prominence to nerve cells or neurons said to transfer messages through a chemical medium throughout the body, in my humble opinion based on my own research, is incorrect.

If the number of bacteria is three times more than the cells, then there has to be a reason for Nature to have put them there, for nothing in Nature or Life is an accident nor can it be an error of judgment by the Divine Creative Force.

For if it were so then logically the Creator’s creations must also to be flawed. If we, human beings, are structurally – physically and mentally – flawed then there is absolutely no purpose being served by attempting to seek perfection as in

‘Enlightenment’ similar to what Lord Buddha and others of His ilk had achieved. 3

Therefore, the story of Lord Buddha that is supposed to have been passed down from generation to generation intact with irrefutable proof for over two and a half millennia becomes a myth or a figment of someone’s imagination, that which happens to be revered by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Is this even wildly possible??

The great mistake made by human beings is that every life form created, other than the human, does not possess sentience but possesses only

‘Instinct.’ which is a response to stimuli bereft of the power of discernment. This pompous mindset originated from religions that proclaimed that human beings are the exalted creation of God, the Creator, and were created in His image and endowed with the Creator’s power. So much so for the unmitigated conceitedness arising from egotistic ignorance of some people and their followers who fondly imagine that they are the leaders in and watchdogs of human evolution.

Each and every life form, according to my findings possesses a consciousness that has the power of discernment.

‘Discernment’ in the true sense of the word is the conclusion one arrives at after one’s analyses are done taking into consideration all aspects of the subject under observation/investigation and not only from one side or from one direction. There cannot occur any biasness or partiality in one’s conclusion.

How many theories and conclusions of fact that have been put forward or presented to mankind by various scholars and scientists, from yore to the present, in every field of knowledge, that have been the outcome of circular analysis and discernment?

I think none except those facts about Life & Nature and the human consciousness, thought, and mind that have been explained in Buddhism.

Similar to us humans these other life forms too draw information from their memory bank that is similar to ours which is a container for our own and our ancestral memories. The consciousness of all life forms contains sentience otherwise they would not be able to function properly in order to survive in this world of many catastrophes. Even the term ‘

Instinct’ (which the so-called Pundits have ill defined) is a form of sentience because a response to a stimulus must have preconception otherwise there will not arise a reciprocal action.

To avoid any problem or difficulty one must possess the awareness of the tragic consequences that which such a problem or difficulty contains. This awareness can only arise in one’s consciousness if there is memory from which the consciousness could draw. Therefore my conclusion on this particular matter is that all life forms have sentience but human beings have gone the furthest in the evolutionary cycle to improve their power of analysis and discernment.

Therefore, forget not that even among human beings the power and ability of analysis and discernment varies greatly from person to person as it is so with every other life form. Some of these life forms could have far greater powers of discernment and analysis than that of some human beings.

Therefore it is unwise as well as unjust to call them a lower or inferior life form because they have been preprogrammed for a specific purpose as we have and each purpose collectively makes up what is known as the whole of Life on Earth. Earth and all other celestial bodies are life forms in an evolutionary cycle of their own of which we are totally ignorant. 4

If Earth does not have consciousness and is not ‘alive’ it would not be able to give all the life forms living on it sustenance in various ways, nor will it be able to survive in the high traffic of celestial bodies that traverse our solar system without a crashing into each other.

Therefore, each and every life form that collectively makes up the human form possesses sentience and this sentience gives rise to a consciousness which is in turn dependent on memory for its survival. Therefore, my conclusion is that we, the human life form, is in reality made up from the collective consciousness of all the life forms within it contained as one. As consciousness and memory arise from pure energy and not matter, we and every life form found on Earth, are 90% energy and 10% matter.

Therefore, my conclusion that the womb contains a consciousness is neither wrong nor is farfetched but a fact of Life that is unrecognized and yet unexplored by modern science.

………………..Llewellyn Büültjens 20th February 2012…………………………………..


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